Tractor Landscape Rake

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One of the largest landscape rakes on the market, the Land Shark Tractor Landscape Rake ranges in widths from 70" to a giant 96" beast. This rake is massive and should be used by large tractors with 50+ horse power. Landscape rakes are used to clean up debris, smooth and level out gravel, good for clearing out rocks and roots. The Landscape Rake, also known as a York Rake or a Rock Rake is made up of a steel frame with a number of curved C-tines which have a spring like action that keep them firmly on the ground while being dragged. The tines are designed not to dig in the ground but to move across the top, however there is an optional gauge wheel that allows for precise height and raking.

Have a subcompact tractor? Not a problem as Everything Attachments has a Tractor Rake Attachment for all sizes.

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